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The Herd Families

Shining Star Family

The 460D cow family is built around RF Shining Star, our top cow from Raboin Farms. She is still in our herd and has produced an outstanding heifer every year we have owned her. The 460D cow family cows are wide, deep and full of muscle with outstanding milk production.

SES Scarlett Family

The matriarch of the B2 cow family is the largest frame cow in our herd and is a very structurally sound, freckle-faced, dark red cow. The strengths of the B2 cow family are their frame, longevity, dark red slick hair coat and disposition.

LJR Serena Family

With an LJR prefix, you know that the matriarch of this cow family has to be good. Her daughters were produced by the Great Dewey Allgood herd in Rolla, Missouri. The 130Z cow family includes cows that are framey, calve easily and milk extremely well.

Stamforce Family

WT Miss M Dom Family

WT Miss M Dom 8158 was a powerhouse in the Raboin Farms herd with most of her daughters going to the state of Texas. Her daughters in our herd are big and thick. Their strengths are their muscle, thickness and milk flow.

DG Cover Girl Family

DG Coed Family

Milky Way Family

Lodestar Jennie Family

Lady Forward Family

Victor Klondike Family

Ms Felt Family