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Rocking F Polled Herefords began over thirty years ago as an FFA project that later developed into a family business. Located on a grass farm, approximately two miles south-east of Fayette, Missouri, we offer registered polled hereford seedstock production with strong family ties.
Frank & Pam Flaspohler, the primary owners of Rocking F, recently celebrated twenty-five years of marriage together. Frank works off the farm as the Director of the Howard County Ambulance Service, while Pam works for the Child Support Collection Division of Cooper County's Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. Their years of hard work together and love for each other have brought forth four wonderful children who also help with the family business.
The oldest of the children, Frank Flaspohler, maintains the website for Rocking F, as well as the Missouri Hereford Association and several other organizations. He is currently a second-year law student at Loyola University New Orleans in Louisiana, but enjoys helping prepare the summer show cattle during his vacation months.
Carrie Flaspohler works as a surgery technologist for University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Her two children, the twins Aeris & Xavier, recently celebrated their fifth birthday and are anxious to begin learning about the workings of a hereford cattle farm.
Third in line, Timothy, follows in his father's footsteps as an EMT for the Howard County Ambulance. He helps out on the farm as a mechanic and welder, along with being an excellent showman. In 2002, he was awarded FFA Champion Showmanship at the Missouri State Fair.
Finally, Laura is the writer in the family. Currently, she is an English major at Central Methodist University in our home town of Fayette, Missouri.